12 Volt Power Harness Kit with USB Insert


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12 Volt Power Harness Kit with USB insert | Trigger Controller

This simple to install 12 Volt Power Harness Kit with USB Insert supplies power to run your electric refrigerator or simply provide an additional power outlet in your vehicle or trailer.

Use the included dual USB power plug for 5 volts/2 amps of mobile device charging capability. You’ll get 2 amps when charging one device, or 1 amp per socket when charging two devices.

Featuring a convenient and modular form factor, the threaded power socket can be custom mounted through most metal/wood/plastic panels and comes with a rectangular trim plate for a clean installation.

In addition, the ATC Blade Fused Wire Harness with 10 amp fuse includes two quick disconnects and offers a stable protected power source.

The harness measures in at 7 feet total length, features 18 gauge wires, and comes pre-assembled with 6mm eyelets.


  • 12 volt DC standard power socket with modular USB adapter
  • Features two 5V USB ports
  • High impact all weather materials
  • Optional water resistant outlet cover (works only when using USB socket)
  • Fused battery connect wire harness with 10 amp fuse