TRIGGER 4 Plus RF Remote Flat Mount


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TRIGGER 4 Plus RF Remote Flat Mount

For slightly more custom mounting applications, take a look at this TRIGGER 4 Plus RF Remote Flat Mount.

“Where would I use something like this?” you might be asking yourself. Indeed, let’s say you have an aftermarket overhead storage console in your Jeep JK, the center of which has a nice flat spot right between the storage locations. That spot is a perfect spot for mounting your Trigger remote! While you can use the remote base that came with your Trigger, you’re thinking it would be nice to mount that remote a little more flush and clean. This here mount is the answer.

You will need to have some skill with cutting tools such as a rotary tool (Dremel makes a good one), and possibly other cutting, shaping and finishing tools … because you’ll need to cut a fairly precise rectangular hole in your overhead storage console to accommodate this mount.

Here are the specifications for the hold and material thickness:

4,125″ x 1.5625″ is the hole dimension, the mount can accommodate a 3/32″ wall thickness