Rocker Switch Panel 4-Switch


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Rocker Switch Panel 4-Switch

Our Rocker Switch Panel 4-Switch is a 4 Switch Panel with Lighted Breakers including 3x Rockers & 1 Momentary switch.

  • Individually reset circuit breakers for each switch: 1x15A, 1x10A, 2x5A breakers
  • Individual Lights for each breaker & Switch
  • In “ON” Position – Green lighted
  • In “OFF” Position – Red lighted
  • Customized ID Inserts for Each Switch Marker Light – includes 50 inserts
  • IP68 Extreme water resistance
  • Auto-Marine-Powersports-In-Cab-Outdoor
  • Opening Size 4.21″ x 3.23″ (107mmx 82mm)
  • Front facing pops off to access breakers for resetting