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app set-up

app set-up for the 6 shooter and 4 plus controllers

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is active on your mobile device, and your Trigger 6 Shooter or 4 plus is powered on.
  2. Download and install the app on your Android or IOS device. Search “Trigger ACS Plus” if you have difficulty locating it in your App Store.
  3. Launch the app and select your controller from the list of devices.
  4. Tap ‘Add Device’ on the ‘Getting Started with...’ screen.
  5. Enter the default pairing code ‘0000’ in the dialog box and tap ‘Confirm’.
  6. You are then asked to create a new, unique 4 digit pairing code. This prevents other nearby Trigger interference. Remember this code.
  7. Your Trigger hardware should quickly connect to your phone.

download our all new trigger plus app!

Trigger Plus

app set-up for the original 4 channel controller

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is active on your mobile device, and your Trigger is powered on.
  2. Download and install App on your Android or IOS device. Search “Trigger ACS” if you have difficulty locating it in your App Store.
  3. Once downloaded and installed, go to your system's Bluetooth settings to pair your phone to the Trigger Controller.
    1. iOS: Bluetooth pairing occurs automatically, do not attempt to manually pair the App. If you try (and fail) to manually pair the app, go to Settings in the Trigger app and tap 'Forget Active Trigger'. Force-quit the app and restart the phone. Once the phone is back up and running, launch the Trigger app and tap the 'GO' button to connect. Power-cycling the Trigger module is a good idea.
    2. Android: Pair your mobile device to the Trigger Controller using pairing code '1234'.
  4. Launch the App, tap the 'GO!' button in the center of the screen to connect to your Trigger Controller.
  5. After a few seconds, the App will connect to your controller. Power, strobe, and dimming functionality will now be active.

download the original trigger app!


make sure to download the correct app for your trigger.

the original four channel app will not control OUR NEW trigger 6 shooter or 4 plus CONTROLLERs.

troubleshooting tips



If you want to control a compressor (or any high current draw accessory) with your Trigger, please do not connect it directly to the control box. doing so will likely cook that circuit (or the whole Trigger) and void your warranty.


What's the solution?


Add a standard relay harness to isolate Trigger from the high current.


Please download and read the tech bulletin below.




Please call our tech support team for answers.

Download Compressor Tech Bulletin

6 shooter and 4 plus with trigger acs plus app

Reset Bluetooth

If you're having difficulty connecting to your 6 SHOOTER or 4 PLUS using the app, you may need to reset the Bluetooth radio using the following procedure:


  1. Make sure you're using the Trigger ACS Plus app, not the original Trigger ACS app
  2. Force-quit app if it’s currently running
  3. Power cycle control box…disconnect from power and reconnect...your 4 PLUS or 6 shooter must be powered on for the following steps
  4. For 6 SHOOTER: Hold down 2 and 5 on the control box, circuit 6 LED will flash 3 times and then turn off
  5. For 4 PLUS: Hold down 2 and 3 on the control box, circuit 4 LED will flash 4 times and then turn off
  6. Bluetooth is now reset, your 6 shooter or 4 PLUS is in pairing mode
  7. Launch app and add device as normal


This procedure will work with both iOS or Android devices.

My 6 SHOOTER worked and now it won't turn on. Why?

If your 6 SHOOTER worked previously and now it won't power on, the issue is likely the Low Voltage Cut-Off's what's happening:


In the current version of the TRIGGER ACS PLUS app the Low Voltage Cut-Off value can not only be set to a low value (i.e 10 volts) but also a high value (i.e 18 volts). Why is that? Well, the TRIGGER can accommodate input power up to 24 volts, so there needs to be a way to set a low voltage cut-off in those situations. Unfortunately if you are connecting your 6 SHOOTER to a standard 12 volt vehicle source and accidentally set the voltage cut-off to something over 12 volts, TRIGGER will shut down and will only turn back on when it sees that high voltage.


Fortunately the fix is simple...reset the Bluetooth radio similar to the procedure above, but with a little twist:


  1. Disconnect your 6 SHOOTER from power using either positive (red) or ground (black) cables. Make sure the yellow wire is receiving power during this procedure
  2. Hold down 2 and 5 on the control box while reconnecting to power, you may need a helper for this. Circuit 6 will flash 3-4 times and then remain solid
  3. Release buttons 2 and 5
  4. Bluetooth is now reset, your 6 SHOOTER is in pairing mode
  5. Launch the TRIGGER ACS PLUS app and add the 6 SHOOTER again


The Low Voltage Cut-Off is a great feature, one we think should be used if you've got your 6 SHOOTER wired to constant hot...just remember, it's a 'LOW' voltage cut-off so it should be set to something like 10 volts.

original 4 channel with the trigger acs app

If you find that the app is not connecting to the 4 channel Trigger, try this first:


  1. Power off the Trigger and force-quit the app.
  2. Wait 1 minute to allow the Trigger to flush any residual power.
  3. Power up your Trigger
  4. Launch the app
  5. Tap 'Scan' to connect


If you have your Trigger always connected to power (not switched) and are unable to get the app to connect, try this:


  1. Disconnect trigger from power.
  2. Wait 1 minute to allow the Trigger to flush any residual power.
  3. Reconnect trigger to power.
  4. Force-quit the app
  5. Launch the app
  6. Tap 'Scan' to connect


These techniques have worked consistently for us during in-house testing, however there are too many unique mobile hardware configurations to claim they will work for everyone. If after trying these steps you are still unable to connect, please call our tech support team at 951-339-1469 and they will do their best to get you up and running.

trigger installed and you've got a flickering led light bar? read this tech bulletin:

View Flickering LED Tech Bulletin

reset 4 channel trigger rf remote passcode

The 4 channel Trigger Accessory Control System includes a feature for custom RF Remote Passcode settings.

While not necessary for out of the box use, you might want to consider updating your RF Remote Passcode if you experience any interference when using the system, or when installing more than one TRIGGER on the same vehicle.


  1. On the Control Module, press and hold buttons 1 and 4 simultaneously … the blue LED indicator for circuit 4 will flash several times and then remain solid. Release buttons 1 and 4.
  2. On the remote, press and hold keys 1 and 4 simultaneously until the backlight turns off. Release keys 1 and 4, the backlight should now be flashing. The RF Remote is now ready to accept a new passcode.
  3. Choose a new passcode by pressing keys 1 and/or 4 on the remote in any combination of your choosing; the passcode must be three or more numbers in length, and only using keys 1 and/or 4. In this video, we set the code to ‘1144’. Finally, press and hold keys 1 and 4 on the remote simultaneously until the backlight stops flashing. Release keys 1 and 4, wait several seconds for the backlight to turn on and off. Your new RF Remote Passcode is now active.
  4. Pressing keys 2 or 3 on the remote will exit Passcode Setting Mode.


To watch a how-to video of this feature click here.

What is Chassis Ground and why should I care?

When our 4 channel TRIGGER was initially conceived, it was designed to be a 'negative switching' controller. This design let to some interesting results with certain lighting brands. Current gen hardware has been updated to a more common positive switching system. If you own a first gen system and your lights are misbehaving, we have a solution. It requires a little electronic know-how ... you can do it!

Click below to view the plans.

View Positive Switching Diagram

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