Trigger Wireless Accessory Controller Bluetooth and RF remote control

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product information

Trigger Wireless Accessory Controllers

what is the trigger 4 plus?

The TRIGGER 4 PLUS is a 12 volt power distribution system for your vehicle; an accessory used to connect and control other 12 volt accessories.


One simple connection to your vehicle battery and 4 fuse protected outputs for accessories.


All packaged in a self-contained, water resistant, easy to install durable cast aluminum housing.

wireless control: remote switch panel

Shown docked in available Jeep JK overhead remote mount - PN 2008

All of our Trigger WIRELESS Accessory Controllers include an industry first all wireless switch panel. Control accessories inside or outside the vehicle using our battery powered RF remote featuring rocker-style switches and multi-level back-lighting: ambient back-light when on battery power, full individual switch back-light if remote dock is connected to 12V power (6 Shooter only).

The most amazing benefit of having a wirelessly controlled system...

no need to route wires through your firewall or damage your dash!

wireless control: trigger plus mobile app

Control power, dimming, and flashing of connected lights

Comprehensive app settings and user guide available

Set in-app switch behavior to Toggle or Momentary

Unlock additional features with our free mobile app!

In addition to turning circuits on and off, the app allows activation of a flashing mode or brightness control of connected lighting (not all lights are compatible).

What about a train horn or other accessory that needs momentary activation rather than standard toggle on or off? We've got you covered. App settings provide this functionality for individual circuits to be set to either 'toggle' or 'momentary' modes.

Edit accessory names, view detailed instructions, set switch functions, and more from the comprehensive settings screen.

Trigger Plus

what's in the box?

everything you need for a quick and easy accessory install

Output leads with waterproof connectors

Four 8' harnesses with waterproof connectors

DIN port allows connection to standard rocker switch

4 channel rocker-style remote and universal base

All mounting hardware, batteries, and accessories are included

features and specifications

  • 4 channels, 2 x 30 amp and 2 x 10 amp circuits
  • RF Remote with rocker-style switches usable inside or outside the vehicle
  • Bluetooth control using our iOS and Android mobile app
  • Manual buttons for individual circuit power on top of control box
  • Built in DIN connector for use of conventional toggle switches (harness sold separately)
  • Four 12-24 volt output harnesses with pre-installed waterproof connectors
  • Built in fuses with o-ring sealed cover: two 30 amp and two 10 amp
  • High intensity LED’s indicate circuit status, blue for circuit on, red for blown fuse
  • Waterproof case design, withstands temps from below freezing to 250 degrees F
  • 12 to 24 volt input, 3 wires, ground, switched positive, battery positive

trigger wireless accessory control systems

Wireless Control - Quick and Easy Install - No Wires Through the Firewall


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