To access more advanced control options, download and install the free mobile app for iOS and Android devices and connect to your TRIGGER system wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.


It's from the future.


Trigger Wireless Accessory Controller Bluetooth and RF remote control

Running wires to connect a new electrical accessory is a time consuming project and, if done without the proper tools and experience, potentially disastrous.

What the world needs is a safer more efficient solution

Introducing the TRIGGER Accessory Control system!

Each TRIGGER module can connect up to four separate accessories via discrete, fused, solid state relays through a single 12 Volt input.

But wait ... what about wiring switches on my dash?

Control Wired Accessories Using an Industry First RF Remote!

Included with every TRIGGER Wireless Accessory Controller, the RF Remote Assembly features a sturdy mounting base and detachable back-lit switch assembly. Switch location is no longer dictated by existing dash mounted switch panels; the TRIGGER RF Remote Universal Mount System allows for flexible mounting locations throughout the vehicle for ultimate convenience of driver and passenger. The remote can remain attached to it's mounting base with strong neodymium magnets, or detach it and control accessories from up to 40 feet away.

The TRIGGER Accessory Control system

Substantially Saves Installation Time!

Trigger is u.s. and international patents pending and a creation of Advanced Accessory Concepts LLC

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